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What is Whistle Willow and how it works

Whistle Willow simplifies whistleblowing and makes it more safe and available to organizations of all sizes. Through Whistle Willow, companies can manage and receive whistleblowing reports directly in their Jira or Confluence. This page allows public submissions - so that external users can send the anonymous tips. All you need to submit is the organization PIN code - usually, companies share it in their whistleblowing policy internally or externally.

We never log any additional information that may reveal your identity

What you write in the report is submitted to the organization - and nothing more. We do not track user behavior or analytics on these pages. It is not possible to determine your location nor exact submission time. We got your back, just be mindful of what details you add to the report itself, to make sure they cannot be used to trace it back to your identity. Good luck!

Whistle Willow encrypts your report before storing it

All reports are encrypted in such way that only the organization they are addressed to would be able to read them. This is achieved using properly implemented asymmetric encryption - even Whistle Willow developers have absolutely no way to read the report because they do not have a private key of your organization that is stored in Jira or Confluence.

All encrypted reports are deleted from our storage once an organization receives them.

Encrypted reports never reside in Whistle Willow database for more than 1 hour - this is an interval at which organizations automatically fetch the reports into their internal programs.

Use your report id to follow-up on a submission

You can get feedback details from the organization on your submission as long as you saved the unique id generated upon submission. There, you can see the progress of each submission. Disagree with the feedback? Submit a new report and reference previous ID to let your organization know about persisting problem.